Wyckoff Fire Dept.

The Wyckoff Fire Department is the central fire communications center for the Northwest Bergen Mutual Aid Association and is located at Fire Company One.   This start of the art communications center also is utilized for all fire calls in Wyckoff.

NORCON is a valuable tool for all of our mutual aid partners.  Upon receiving a report of a confirmed structure fire or large scale incident in which mutual aid apparatus and equipment would be utilized, the Chief Officer handling the incident would activate NORCON.  Upon activating NORCON, volunteers from the Wyckoff Fire Department who had been trained on the desk would come in and begin to assist the Chief.    NORCON would initially handle making certain that the Chief had enough manpower and apparatus at the scene of the incident and locate additional crews and apparatus to cover the firehouses so that in the event that they were needed at the scene they could be redirected quickly.

Listen to audio from the latest call:

General (all companies)

Company 1

Company 2

Company 3


Listen to dispatch on 158.940

Click on scanner to listen to Wyckoff FD live

Wyckoff primary radio channels
  • “Fire 1”
  • “WFD Ops”
  • “Municipal”
  • NORCON Response 1,
  • NORCON Operations 1,
  • NORCON Response 2,
  • NORCON Operations 2,
  • FAST Team
frequency - 154.175-
frequency - 150.8725-
frequency -158.940
0frequency -154.280:
frequency -154.145
frequency- 154.265
frequency -153.830
frequency- 154.070

Fire 1

Command to apparatus and apparatus to Fire Desk


Fire ground frequency for portable radio transmissions


Used for dispatch

NORCON Response 1 & 2

• Apparatus Receive instructions from Command
• Used as Command Channel to NORCON, (progress reports, additional equipment needed, etc.)
• Command Channel to Water Supply Officer, Staging, etc. (if the situation warrants these positions)

NORCON Operations 1 & 2,

• Fire Ground operations frequency

FAST Team / RIT Team,

The FAST Team Talk about and dispatch frequency for all Incident Commanders