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A New Friend To The WFD Family

Sunday, January 11, 2015   The Wyckoff Fire Department Family met a truly amazing young girl that is battling (acute lymphoblastic leukemia) which is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. She is one of the strongest young girls that you would ever meet! She has been battling since September 8, 2014 . The Wyckoff Fire Department brought Santa to her house and dropped off some gifts from the north pole. When we got there we asked "Becca Boo" if she would like to ride the "fire sled" Which  is the firetruck that takes Santa around Wyckoff ! We truly met a wonderful family that is now part of the Wyckoff Fire Department ! We wish Rebecca the best of luck threw this time and we are here for her and her family. You can follow Rebecca's status by following her on Facebook at "Allergic to Cancer"! Anyone wishing to help the family can go to the site listed below.

To order Allergic to Cancer Bracelets:
Allergic to Cancer 
Attention: Rebecca Salmins
PO BOX 639
Wyckoff, NJ 07481




Mutual Aid Eng To Hawthorne

Tuesday, January 6, 2015   Wyckoff Fire Drartment responded mutual aid to Hawthorne with one Eng for a fast-moving blaze that began in a Seventh Avenue garage.

Chief Joseph Speranza said the second-alarm fire started at a two-car garage behind 123 Seventh Ave. around 1:15 a.m. The flames — about 40 feet high upon firefighters’ arrival — engulfed the garage, two cars next to it and a tall tree behind it.

No cars were in the garage, but it was filled with construction materials, including propane tanks, Speranza said.

The back deck was badly damaged, as well as the back of the house. But the flames never made it inside, the chief said, “by virtue of the guys being aggressive.”

Firefighters from North Haledon and Wyckoff also responded as well as the Hawthorne Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary and the Hawthorne Ambulance Corp



Towers Ladder Responds To Franklin Lakes

Sunday, December 28, 2014   Tower Ladder responded to Franklin Lakes for a fire in a laundry room on Old Mill Rd.



Christmas Day Fire Mahwah

Thursday, December 25, 2014  FAST team responded to Mahwah Christmas Day for a fire in a residential home on Wyckoff ave.  



Mutual Aid Engine To Paterson

Monday, December 22, 2014   Wyckoff Fire Dept sends one engine to Paterson to stand by in the Trenton Ave fire house 



Santa Claus Is Coming To Wyckoff!

Monday, December 15, 2014 

On Sunday, December 21, Santa Claus is coming to town!

Santa and his elves and reindeer will be riding around Wyckoff, meeting and giving out candy canes to kids from 1 to 92.

The scheduled stops are below! We hope to see everyone there!

Company 1 Area

Trip 1

1. Old Post Rd. & Shelbourne Dr. 5:00

2. Patton Place & Woodbury Dr. 5:15

3. Fairview Place & Old Woods Rd. 5:30

4. Buena Vista Way & Over Look Dr. 5:45

5. Wishing Well Rd. House # 628 6:00

6. Covington Place & Taunton Rd. 6:15

7. Concord Place & Fairfield Rd. 6:30

8. Sparrowbush Rd. & Harding Rd. 6:45

9. Sunset Blvd. & Pathway Manor 7:00

10. Martom Rd. & Van Houten Ave. 7:15

11. Voorhis Ave. & Samuel Way 7:30

12. Washington School Main Entrance 7:45

Trip 2

1. Ralph Ave & East Stevens Ave. 5:00

2. Hurley Ave. & Ridge Rd. 5:15

3. Brook Rd. & Elmwood Place 5:30

4. Deerfield Rd. & Midland Ave. 5:45

5. Howard St. & Midland Ave. 6:00

6. Morley Dr. & Dale 6:15

7. Harding Rd. & Colona St. 6:30

8. Godwin Dr. & Colonial Dr. 6:45

9. Wiley Place. & Birch Parkway 7:00

10. Pine St. & Joan Place 7:15

11. Frost Ct. & Navajo Dr. 7:30

12. Edgewood Ave. & Meadowbrook 7:45

13. Beth Lane & Barrett Lane 8:00

Company 2

1. Coolidge School 5:00

2. Radcliffe St and Colgate Ave 5:30

3. Lincoln Ave and Liberty St 6:00

4. Dartmouth St and Yale Ave 6:30

Company 3

1. Cedar Hill Shopping Center 3:30

2. Sicomac Engine Co. 3 3:30



Wyckoff Fire Department Elects Its 2015 Officers

Tuesday, December 9, 2014  The Wyckoff Fire Department held its 2015 company officer elections on Monday night.

Led by Department Chief Lou Graglia and Assistant Chief Tim Brock, these men will oversee their respective firehouses.

Best of luck to everyone in the new year!

Co. 1

Battalion Chief: Scott Fisher

Captains: Tom Durkin and Matt Capomaggi

Lieutenants: Brian DeHaas and Joe Vanderplaat

Co. 2

Battalion Chief: Brian Hendrickson

Captain: Fred Depken

Lieutenants: Chris Joachim and Chris Charnesky

Co. 3

Battalion Chief: Andrew Forsyth

Captain: Aaron Gettleman

Lieutenants: Matt Tani and Mike LaBarck



Co 1 Takes Delivery Of New Engine

Monday, December 8, 2014  The Wyckoff Fire Department took delivery of its new Spartan ERV pumper.



Wyckoff Fire Department Supports Marines' Toy for Tots

Saturday, December 6, 2014  The Wyckoff Fire Department participated in full support of the Marines Toys for Tot program on Saturday, December 6. There was a great turnout between the fire department and town residents.

The Wyckoff Fire Department is honored to be able to participate with the United States Marine's on this worthy event.



WFD Takes Two Awards at Wallington FD Holiday Parade

Sunday, November 30, 2014  Thanks to members from Cos. 1, 2 and 3 who helped make this year's Wallington Fire Department holiday parade a great success!

This year, Engine 235 was dedicated to Greg and John Barnas, the Barnas family and our brothers of the Wallington Fire Department. We took home a Special Judges award for our tribute to Greg and John, and the result exceeded the expectations we came into this project with!

Company 3 was awarded sixth place for best decorated/lighted engine.

Nice job everybody!

 -145 Will Pettit  



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